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The final pinewood derby race of the NPWDRL Championship series is almost here!! This final race is a triple points race so that means every class is still up for grabs! A few highlights…

  • DOOR PRIZES!!!! I will be giving away killer prizes this month!!! 1 set of Dynasty RAZRs ($60), 1 set of Dynasty Eliminators ($100), 1 set of Dynasty Intimid8rs ($48), 1 set of Dynasty Cheetahs ($42), 1 set of Dynasty BASX ($16).  It will be a random drawing and EVERY CAR YOU SEND IN gets you another shot at the prizes.
  • Trophies awarded to the top 3 in the end of the year standings for each class!
  • The new BASX CLASS makes its debut!

Don’t forget the race location has changed to:
Xotic Motorsport
1792 S. Blackridge Dr.
St.George, UT 84770


The 2014 season is about to kick and the NPWDRL has a new location!


John Halliburton
1992 W 775 S
Cedar City, UT 84720

It is a small town and will take an extra day to get here make sure and get the cars out on Monday.

The Championship Series Schedule and race locations are:
February 22nd- The Crystal Inn, 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720
March 29th- The Crystal Inn, 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720
April 26th- The Crystal Inn, 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720
May 31st- The Crystal Inn, 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720


The Man of the Mountain race location is different than the normal location!

Ship all cars to:

Joel Redfearn
2394 Mountain Ledge Dr.
St. George, Ut. 84790

The race location is:

Stephen Wade Chevy Cadillac Dealership in St George Utah
December 14th, 2013

Man of the Mountain Pinewood Derby Race #3 Qualifier!

DerbyDad4Hire Pinewood DerbyThe racing schedule for the 3rd and final qualifier pinewood derby race is as follows:

Friday November 1st 9:00pm Mountian Time:

  • Eliminator Class
  • Unlimited Class
  • Street Rod Class

Saturday November 2nd 5:00pm Mountain Time:

  • Street Stock Am
  • Street Stock Pro
  • Street Pro

Get those pinewood derby cars shipped in and see how you rank among the best pinewood derby racers in the USA!

Quicktime Derby Takes MOTM Pinewood Derby Race 2

Quicktime Derby continued his dominance in the 2nd race of the 2013 NPWDRL Man of the Mountain Pinewood Derby Tournament. Winning all the classes he entered in the pinewood derby race and doing it by proxy once again sent a hard message out to the rest of the builders that they are going to have to really step it up to overtake him. Quicktimes race 1 dominance appeared to have retired several builders as there were many mainstays missing in race #2. The new racers picked up the slack with several new faces looking to make their name in the pinewood derby racing world. JBD Racing is moving to the top of the charts quickly and is looking to be Quicktimes main competition at this point overall. Some other hot new builders to watch are WK Creations, E3 PWD, Egghead, and Radioactive. Every new builder seems to be pushing the competition higher and higher. Race #3 should be a great one! The pinewood derby race event is sponsored by! The NPWDRL is the pinnacle of pinewood derby racing. Watch the pinewood derby race videos right here!

Street Stock Pro

Street Stock Am

Street Pro



Street Rod

2013 Man of the Mountain Pinewood Derby Tournament Kicks off!

The best pinewood derby racers in the USA came together and kicked off the the first race of the 2013 Man of the Mountain Pinewood Derby tournament. The Man of the Mountain Title is the hardest achievement to accomplish in Pinewood derby racing. There is no higher title! All 5 pinewood derby classes were in action with the Street Stock class being divided into 2 divisions. Quicktime Derby made a statement to the pinewood derby world that he is is the hottest racer around. Quicktime won 5 classes in a devastating display of speed. The tournament is made up of 3 qualifying events for builders to try and earn enough points to claim one of 7 of the 8 spots in the Championship round at the 4th and final event. Racers who do not earn a spot in the Championship round can race their way into the 8th and final spot at the final event. Each class holds it’s own Championship with the builder who performs the best over all the classes being crowned the Overall Man of the Mountain. Sponsored by! Watch the videos below.

Street Stock

Street Pro



Street Rod

The NPWDRL Pinewood Derby Championship Series came to a conclusion in spectacular fashion.

With a car count of over 160, it was the largest monthly pinewood derby event ever.  The April pinewood derby event was sporting a triple points payoff and all class titles were on the line.

Pinewood Domination

Pinewood Domination

The day started off with an 81 car Street Stock pinewood derby field. The times were unreal and the racing was tight all the way to the 81st spot.  There was no room for error. JB continued his mastery of the Street Stock Class to claim the top 3 spots of the April NPWDRL pinewood derby series finale.  The victory also gave him the series championship claiming his spot as the fastest Street Stock pinewood derby racer in the USA.  Gravity X came out of nowhere and claimed the Amateur title fighting off a large field of challengers.

Next came the Street Pro class which Quicktime Derby was looking to try and wrap up with another strong showing.  The Street Pro class is one of the most challenging pinewood derby builds and the difficulty is sometimes very hard to master.  Despite a strong field of competition, Quicktime Derby pulled out a wicked performance and claimed the Street Pro victory and pinewood derby Street Pro Championship Series title.

QT throws down!

QT throws down!

Up next was the Eliminator pinewood derby class. Spirit Racing was looking to place high and wrap up the series.  It looked as if Spirit was going to win and out of nowhere came ZZ Racing to claim his first NPWDRL pinewood derby victory. The ironic thing was that ZZ’s car showed up with a fractured wheel and still performed like a champ.  ZZ won the April event but Spirit claim the NPWDRL series Eliminator title.

Spirit Racing Pinewood Derby Car

Spirit Racing rides the white horse to the title!

Next it was time to race the high powered, fastest pinewood derby cars in the Unlimited class.  The class has now become the Goatboy invitationals. In true fashion, Goatboy took the April race and the Series Title to stake his claim as the master of the bearing pinewood derby cars. Goatboy is the NPWDRL Unlimited series CHAMPION.

Goatboy Racing Pinewood Derby Car

Goatboy has Unlimited Skills!

The last class of the day was the Street Rod pinewood derby class.  It looked to be a heads up showdown between Stonecold Racing and Quicktime Derby to see who the champion would be.  In a heated battle Stonecold hit the Nitro and screamed to a Street Rod victory and the NPWDRL Street Rod Series pinewood derby Championship.

Stonecold Racing Pinewood Derby Car

Stonecold lays the stonecold smackdown

Congratulations to all the winners and participants. This was by far the most successful league racing experience and it looks to be getting bigger each month. Up next, the Pinewood Derby National Championships!


Kinser Returns!

After an extended hiatus from pinewood derby racing, Kinser “Charlie Brown” made his return to the NPWDRL to reclaim his position at the top of the rankings.  Once again Kinser proved to be a dominant contender in all 4 of the major classes.  He will look for a class win in April!