Quicktime Derby Takes MOTM Pinewood Derby Race 2

Quicktime Derby continued his dominance in the 2nd race of the 2013 NPWDRL Man of the Mountain Pinewood Derby Tournament. Winning all the classes he entered in the pinewood derby race and doing it by proxy once again sent a hard message out to the rest of the builders that they are going to have to really step it up to overtake him. Quicktimes race 1 dominance appeared to have retired several builders as there were many mainstays missing in race #2. The new racers picked up the slack with several new faces looking to make their name in the pinewood derby racing world. JBD Racing is moving to the top of the charts quickly and is looking to be Quicktimes main competition at this point overall. Some other hot new builders to watch are WK Creations, E3 PWD, Egghead, and Radioactive. Every new builder seems to be pushing the competition higher and higher. Race #3 should be a great one! The pinewood derby race event is sponsored by www.derbydad4hire.com! The NPWDRL is the pinnacle of pinewood derby racing. Watch the pinewood derby race videos right here!

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