The NPWDRL has 10 Man of the Mountain monthly and 2 Non-Man of the Mountain monthly races.

Scout Class– A great class for Scout Builds.

BASX Am & Pro– A basic build class to jump into the competition.

Street Stock– This is the most popular pinewood derby race division at the NPWDRL.  Most cub scout cars will fall into this classification.

Street Pro– Highly modified wide wheel pinewood derby cars fit in this class.

Eliminator– This pinewood derby class is suited for the big axle razor wheels.

Unlimited– Also known in the pinewood derby community as OUTLAW, this class is for you to use your imagination to hit the top speeds.

BASX Bearing– A sleeper class success story! Run your bearings in Fat Wheels.

BASX Mini– Shorten up the BASX car and let her rip!

Mid America – A popular class ran at the Mid America Council’s Yearly Race

Spec Trucks– See what you can do with parts from Spec Truck Kit provided by Derby Evolution.

Street Rod– If you like the look of real cars racing then this is the pinewood derby class for you.

Standard rules for all pinewood derby classes

  • Each builder may enter as many Pinewood Derby® cars as they wish in any class.  There is no age limits on the cars.
  • All live participants have the option to stage their own cars but the cars will be placed on the track for staging by the prestagers.
  • All cars must be gravity powered.
  • No work may be done to cars once they have passed inspection.  All cars must go from the inspection area straight to the staging area.
  • If a car jumps the track it will be disqualified from the event.  The heat will not be rerun unless the infracting car makes contact with any of the other cars in the race or if it found to be an issue with the track.
  • In the unlikely case of a car getting damaged, reasonable repair can be made to the car as long as it is ready to race again by its next heat.

General event rules and considerations

  • Please use caution around the facility.  No running or climbing over the track allowed.  Stay behind any taped off areas.
  • Do not pick up or touch anyone else’s cars without permission from the owner.
  • Anyone and everyone is welcome to come but due to limited space please leave small children home if possible.  PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHILDREN IF YOU BRING THEM!  Please keep them from the car staging areas to avoid any unfortunate accidents.
  • All cars must pass inspection before they can race.  All decisions by the inspection team are final so please refrain from arguing or causing a scene if you disagree with an inspection decision.
  • This is a family event and even though it will be very competitive please conduct yourself in a proper manner refraining from vulgar language and inappropriate behavior.  By all means cheer and have fun!  This is a race!  Please avoid the embarrassment of being asked to leave the event.
  • Do not try and cheat!  If a builder is caught cheating during the event, his or her cars will be removed from the competition with NO REFUND.